About us

Virtually / Digitally, MVIVVU was established on 24th March (RamNavami Day) 2010 with special objective for serving the soul(s) who have felt continuum inner spark for decephering the 'secret' of longest surviving indelible Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharmic Culture.

Indigenous, Sanatan Vedic Hindu Dharmic Culture is strongest culture formed with concrete base of Vedas-Tantra-Yoga-Ayurveda.

MVIVVU was pioneer in implementing digital mode of Vedic education in the world with huge quantity of innovative courses.

MVIVVU is accredited with International Association of Vedic Hindu Universities bearing the affiliation code – IAVHU1008001UUAC.

The more an aspirant try to imbibe the Vedic Knowledge, the more he / she feel thirsty for it. One life time is not enough to understand the eternal Vedas and Vedic culture. An aspirant will find innumerable avatars of MVIVVU. MVIVVU may help such persons in shaping his / her career or it may help you in learning Vedas even though you are not adapt in Sanskrit or if you’re a Hindu but living out of VedaLand- Bharata, again MVIVVU comes to rescue or MVIVVU will surprise an aspirants with new innovate courses in unexplored subjects or it gives opportunity to talented kids to learn any Vedic courses or it will provide opportunity to conduct research in any thinkable or unthinkable subjects concerned with Vedico-Tantrik Hindu domain of knowledge or a professional person may find MVIVVU a perfect platform to learn Vedic knowledge in his/her free time (say weekend) or a student will find MVIVVU friendly in terms of participating in online examination as per his / her discretion. The influence of the Veda is remarkably perceptible in the development and growth of भारतीय Bharatiya science,art, literature and philosophy. It has been affirmed that the Veda contains a vast body of scientific knowledge and that it anticipates even the most modern ideas of Biology, Microbiology, Architecture, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy. In MVIVVU, not knowing Sanskrit is not a barrier for learning or research. Overall, at MVIVVU, we’re reshaping Vedic education via Virtual Space (Virtual Space is any location where people can meet using networked digital devices.) with our game-changing FlexPath format. You can learn on demand, leverage your experience, and move at your own speed. FlexPath puts you in control, so you can earn a degree on your terms.


Wish you a good day! You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our University is constantly evolving and growing. We provide... Wide range of educational services. Our mission is to provide best traditional educational solution that helps everyone.