e-Globally Glorifying the Vedic Hindu Knowledge System & Culture 
Way back in the year 2018,
Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University with its allied organizations have successfully organized two conferences
International Conference on Veda-Tantra-Mantra & Yanta on 18th December [Gita Jayanti] 2018
International Conference on Vedic & Tantric Sciences on 19th December 2018.
Delegates from The Netherlands, Mauritius, Nepal graced their presence in both conferences.


"वेदाय वेदजीवाय वेदगुह्याय वै नमः |" 
अर्थात् : "जो वेदस्वरूप, वेद को जीवन देनेवाले तथा वेदों में छिपे हुए गूढ़ तत्व हैं, उनको नमस्कार है " |
Meaning : "Salutation to ---That which is form of Veda,
That which gives life to Veda and
to those hidden esoteric elements (tattva) existent in Veda. "
To globally spread and glorify (प्रचारप्रसारयोग)  Vedic Hindu Culture, MAHARSHI VEDYVAS INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL VEDIC UNIVERSITY with its allied organization and knowledge partners from different parts of the globe is going to organize series of conferences in SURAT, GUJARAT, विश्वेवगुरु वेदभूमि भारत INDIA.  This year the 3 days International Conferences will start on 20th December and will conclude on Gita Jayanti i.e. on 22nd December 2023. We are expecting conglomeration of delegates from different prominent parts of the world - Nepal, Australia,  Mauritius, The Netherlands, Qatar, USA, Canada etc.

It is our commitment to organize conference every year on the eve of Gita Jayanti to spread the message of Yogeshwara SriKrishna (Krishnam Vande JagatGurum) and VishwaGuru VedaBhumi Bharat. Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth and InterContinental Vedic Hindu VirtualRishikulam (OPC) Pvt. Ltd with the support of other organizations have played vital role in popularizing the Vedic Hindu knowledge system around the globe Since 2013. We done significant research work on Vedic Sciences, Tantric Sciences and especially on Vedic Microbiology. The conference is one of the key tools in spreading the knowledge where the conglomeration of resource persons in the field of Vedas / Vedic sciences share their knowledge. Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth has so far published 4 books and in this conference many more books will be launched.  


We are expecting audiences from both national and international level. The research paper presenters have started contacting us. Currently, we have received responses from Bengaluru (Karnataka), Panipat (Haryana), Maharashtra, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. As far as international paper presenters are concerned, we are getting positive response from USA, Canada, Mauritius, Australia, The Netherlands, Russian Federation etc. Virtual paper presentation will attract more persons from international level. The conference is open to all students (schools and colleges), faculty, and practitioners (Sadhaks, Sadhus, Yogis, Pundits, VedaPathis).





This time we intend to organize series of 3 conferences & a Exhibition


1. 2nd International Conference on VEDIC & TANTRIC SCIENCES [20th December 2023]
2. 2nd World Conference on VEDIC MICROBIOLOGY & VEDIC MEDICINE [21st December 2023]
3. Exhibition on VEDIC FINE ARTS, VEDIC SCIENCES etc. [21st-22nd December 2023]
4. World Conference on VEDAVYASOLOGY & ADHYATMA VIGYAN (SCIENCE OF SOUL) [22nd December (Gita Jayanti) 2023]




ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM : https://e-vedicuniversity.com/Conference.aspx 



"वेदाय वेदजीवाय वेदगुह्याय वै नमः |" 

2nd International Conference on VEDIC & TANTRIC SCIENCES [20th December 2023]

1st  International Conference on Vedic & Tantric Sciences was organized on 18th December 2018 at Surat, Gujarat, BHARAT/INDIA. 



         [Topics, Subjects]


[Topics, Subjects]


  • Sanskrit- the ancient language of Vedic Sciences

        संस्कृत-वैदिक विज्ञान की पुरातन भाषा  

  • Vedic Cosmology वैदिक ब्रह्माण्डविज्ञान
  • Vedic Psychology वैदिक मनोविज्ञान
  •   Introduction to Tantra and Tantrik Literatures

       Spiritual Heritage of India, Evolution of Tantra, Tantric Civilization, What is Tantra, Etymology,                 Rationale underlying composition of Tantra, Antiquity of Tantra, Place of origin of Tantra, Number of          Tantras, Classification, Contents of Tantra-An overview, Tantic lexicons, Tantra in Sanskrit Literature,       Author of Tantras and Commentaries


  • Philosophy of Tantra (Shiva & Shakti)


  • Vastu Shastra वास्तु शास्त्र
  • Vedic Ecology & Environmentवैदिक पारिस्थितिकी एवं पर्यावरण 
  • Vedic Botany वैदिक वनस्पति विज्ञान
  • Vedic Zoology वैदिक प्राणी विज्ञान
  • Tantrik Human Body

                         Five Kosas or Sheaths, Nadi, Chakras, Kundalini etc

  • Tantra Psychology


  • Sciences Of Mantra

                           Para, Pashyanti, Madhyama, Vaikhari, etc



  • Vedic Chemistry वैदिक रसायनशास्त्र
  • Vedic Physics वैदिक भौतिकविज्ञान
  • Vedic Mathematics वैदिक गणित
  • Vedas & Computer, Artificial Intelligence                                   वेद एवं कंप्यूटर कृत्रिम बुद्धि
  • Sri Yantra Sciences

                          Meaning of Chakra, SriVidya & SriChakra, Structure of SriChakra, Pattern of SriChakra, etc.

  • SvaraYoga- The Science of Tantra Breathing.
  • Alchemy Tantra

ॐ क्रिमिभ्यो नमः 

2nd  World Conference on VEDIC MICROBIOLOGY & VEDIC MEDICINE [21st December 2023] 

ORGANIZED BY : Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute &     Vedic Microbiology Virtual University.

1st conference was organized under the title "International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology" on 20th-21st August 2007 at








         [Topics, Subjects]


[Topics, Subjects]


  • Sanskrit- the ancient language of Vedic Microbiology
  • Vedic Classification of living organisms &                                    place of microorganisms
  • Vedic Medicine [Internal and External Diseases mentioned in Vedas]
  • Vedic Medicine in Puranas
  • Rishis / Gods/ Goddesses Associated with Vedic Medicine


  • Founders (Rishis /Gurus) Of Vedic Microbiology
  • (Rishis of Vedas, Rishis/ Gurus of Ayurveda, Yoga Microbiology)

  • Vedic Fermentation Technology
  • Vrikshayurveda Microbiology -Plant Pathology
  • Ayurveda
  • Vedic Toxicology
  • Vedic Pharmacology
  • Tribal & Siddha Medicine



  • Vedic Management of Microbial Diseases
  • Vedic Antimicrobial Therapy
  • Vedic Agriculture Microbiology
  • Vedic Mantra Therapy
  • Vedic Yagnopathy / Yagna Therapy
  • Naturopathy in Vedas

 कृष्णं वन्दे जगतगुरुम॥

 नमो वेदव्यासाय योगिनां गुरवे नमः ॥

World Conference on VEDVYASOLOGY & ADHYATMA VIGYAN(soul science) 

                             [22nd December (GITA JAYANTI गीता जयन्ती) 2023]



         [Topics, Subjects]


[Soul Science]

[Topics, Subjects]


  • Bhagwan KrishnaDwaipayan VedVyas - Rishi of Srimad Bhagwat Gita
  • Globally Glorifying the life sketch of VedVyas and Propagating the Message of Srimad Bhagawad Gita is VedVyasology. 

                           INNER SOFTWARE 


  • Rishis, Yogis, Sant, Siddha, Tantric, Aghoris, Kapalik etc

  • Srimad Bhagawad Gita- The BrahmaVidya, YogaShastra Scripture for All 


  • Understanding the Concept of VEDAVYASOLOGY 

Spiritual / Yogic Anatomy and Physiology of Human Body, Chakra System, Ida-Pingala-Sushumna, Kundalini, AntahKaran, Atma/Soul, Siddhi/ Spiritual Powers,


  • VEDAVYASOLOGY- New subject introduced by Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University

Moksha, Personal Spiritual Experiences, Yantra-Mantra for Spiritual evolution & enlightenment etc. Spiritual Places, Siddhapeeths, Shaktipeets etc.





  • Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University, भारतINDIA

  • Vedic Microbiology Virtual University, भारतINDIA

  • International Association of Vedic Hindu Universities.

  • Association of Vedic Virtual Universities.

  • Shesha Vedic Sciences, JAPAN

  • Maharishi Aatreya Foundation, NEPAL 

  • Hinducentrum Sevadham, The NETHERLANDS

  • Goloka Yoga Ashram, URUGUAY


  • Intercontinental Vedic Hindu VirtualRishiKulam,भारतINDIA

  • Vedic Virtual Vidyapeeth (Trust), भारतINDIA

  • SagiRaju Foundation, Andhra Pradesh, भारतINDIA




1.  Title of Paper & Affiliation (Ashram, University, Organization, Trust, Association, NGO etc )
2.  Abstract-300-400 words with 4-5 key words
3.  Languages भाषाएँ : संस्कृत, हिंदी, गुजराती ગુજરાતી, English
The One page abstract should contain the title of the paper in BLOCK LETTERS, NAME(S) OF AUTHOR (S) with respective ORGANIZATIONAL AFFILIATIONS (Ashram, University, Organization, Trust, Association, NGO etc ) with Mobile phone Number and Email.
Please indicate the name of the registered participant. 
The Abstract submission will be treated as REGISTRATION on the payment of Registration Fees.

Participation in the WORLD VEDIC 3-CONFERENCES 2023 is restricted to registered delegates and invited speakers. 
4. Introduction to the subject: Mentioning objectives, linking with present theme of the conference, self-aware observations, assumptions of the study, working hypothesis, background materials. 
5. Analysis: This section should contain the core of your original contribution. The authors can use main headings and sub-heading to structure the writing. Bullet items, tables, graphs, pictures should be used where appropriate to enhance the quality of writing.
6. Synthesis: This section should contain a summary of the research findings. Please include the importance and methodology of including this material in education curriculum.
7. If your paper is a part of an ongoing research include investigations in progress and plans for future.
8.   VedoGraphy or References: List resource material used in your investigations              
9.  Acknowledgement: This is optional. The authors may offer a few words of gratitude to the one who inspired him/her to get involved in this endeavor.

Please submit full paper as a word document file using 12 point font size and any Unicode font.

Paper Presentation Guidelines at the Conference:

•    Power Point Presentation is a very effective way to get speaker’s messages across the audience. However if a speaker chooses to use lecture style presentation it will work. 
•    Total time allocated for each Paper Presentation is 30 minutes. The speaker may use 20-25 minutes for the presentation and leave 5-10 minutes for Q&A interaction with the audience.   
•    Session Time Table will be e-mailed to the authors well in advance for their information.

Thank you for your participation and help to create a New Paradigm in Vedic Education!













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